Kacper Poradnik

A young developer passionate about coding web applications or games.

About Me

I am a young Polish developer, mainly involved in creating websites. I am 18 years old, keep going to technical school, and I am passionate about programming. In my free time I like to start to create new projects with new technology and I keep learning new things all the time. I am using React JS to create web pages and my every page is coded from scratch.

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Technology I'm working with



React is a free and open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces created by Facebook.

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Next JS

Next.js is a flexible React framework that gives you building blocks to create fast web applications.

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Strapi CMS

Strapi is a Content Management System which allows you to change all texts or images on your website!

Why Them?

React technology created by Facebook is more safety, newer, still supported and more efficient comparing to old WordPress. By Next JS technology, I am able to create an efficient website with modifiable content with Strapi CMS system. Website will be optimized for Google robots and your website is going to be seen in Google Search.

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Website Service Process

Step 1

At the beginning, we need to determine what should be on the page and its appearance.

Step 2

If the preliminary project looks fine, I’m going to start coding a webpage. This process time depends on the website project and customer’s requirements.

Step 3

In the end, I’m showing the result of created website, and later I will upload it to your hosting.

My Projects

Sailor's Food-image

Sailor's Food

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The Coconut Route

Raw Cocoa Powder-image

Raw Cocoa Powder